Quincy Police Department History

In April 1839, the Mayor and officers for the town of Quincy appointed Jacob Gruwell as constable and collector for the town of Quincy. The Quincy Police Department has grown from that appointment to its current size of 73 sworn officers.

We have gone from a constable equipped with a lantern and a nightstick to the officer of today who is issued various uniforms depending on their assignment, ballistic body armor, a 9-millimeter semi-automatic handgun, steel ASP baton, portable radio, a flashlight, handcuffs, OC spray, Taser, body camera, plus many other items.

Officers of the Quincy Police Department are highly trained professionals. Equipped with some of the latest technology available and a continuing education program they are prepared to meet the needs of the community. These needs are met through the many different prevention and investigative programs the department has.

Our department is not just about answering calls and investigating crimes, we are dedicated to working with the community to prevent crimes and preserve the high quality of life our community enjoys.