Criminal Investigations

Investigations are supervised by a Criminal Investigations Sergeant, a Juvenile Investigations Sergeant, and a Lieutenant, who serves as the Investigative Section Commander.

Criminal Investigations, when at full strength is allotted 6 Detectives, including 4 General Case Detectives, 1 Elder Service Detective, and 1 Detective who is a Forensic Device Specialist. These Detectives handle cases ranging from Homicides and other Death Investigations, serious violent felonies, Sexual Assaults, Arsons, Robberies, Burglaries, and large-scale financial crimes.

Juvenile Investigations, when at full strength, is comprised of 3 Juvenile Detectives, and 3 School Resource Officers. Detectives in Juvenile Investigations handle all serious cases involving juveniles as victims or suspects, including all cases of sexual and physical abuse against children. School Resource Officers are assigned to Quincy Senior High School and Quincy Junior High School. Additionally, we have one School Resource Officer that shares their time equally among the five elementary schools.

Currently, 1 Quincy Police Officer is assigned full-time as an Inspector with the West Central Illinois Task Force.

Crime scene investigations are staffed by 1 full-time civilian Crime Scene Technician. The evidence unit is staffed by 1 part-time Evidence Custodian.

Investigations Team

The investigations unit of the Quincy Police Department consists of several different divisions.

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Juvenile Investigations

  • Crime Scene Investigations

  • School Resource Officers

  • Evidence Unit

  • West Central Illinois Task Force