Crime Scene Investigations

The Crime Scene Technician position was created in 2008. This position was designed to bring a civilian to the department who had extensive knowledge and specialized training in the field of crime scene investigation. Prior to the creation of this position, Detectives within the Investigation Unit handled the processing of crime scenes. By adding a Crime Scene Technician to the Investigation Unit, the Detectives were able to focus on one of their number one priorities, investigating crimes. The Crime Scene Technician is responsible for many different functions.

Crime Scene Tech Duties

  • Primarily in charge of and responsible for processing crime scenes

  • Extensive knowledge on identification, collection, and preservation of evidence

  • Conduct evidence and scene documentation via digital photography

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction

  • Work closely with the Illinois State Police Crime Lab for evidence processing

  • Testify in court

  • Assist the Evidence Custodian with everyday duties

  • Assist Detectives within the Investigation Unit with case work

  • Attend autopsies

  • Process items for fingerprints for QPD and West Central Illinois Task Force

  • Certified Marijuana Leaf Examiner for the State of Illinois