Internal Affairs Process

The Quincy Police Department strives to provide the best service possible to its citizens. As we do so, there will be times when an officer provides outstanding service. The department wants to acknowledge those officers that are doing a good job. Similarly, the department understands that sometimes citizens will have complaints about the service they receive.

The Deputy Chief of Operations heads our internal affairs process. He is responsible for ensuring that all complaints are properly investigated, and all notifications are made. In addition to citizen complaints, investigations may be initiated based on allegations of violations of department rules or procedures.


To compliment an officer for his or her good work, you may submit through our Compliment/Complaint Portal, call the Watch Commander, write a letter to the Chief of Police, or send an email.


The department wishes to investigate and resolve complaints as quickly as possible. There are several ways in which to file a complaint. The best way is to go to the Police Department and meet with the on-duty Watch Commander. You can complete the complaint form yourself, or the Watch Commander will take your complaint. Meeting with the Watch Commander gives them the opportunity to discuss the issue with you and obtain additional details. At times, this may result in a resolution to your problem or concern. You may also telephone the Watch Commander or the Deputy Chief to make the complaint or use our online portal.