Quincy Police Reports

Central Records is responsible for all police-generated reports, and cross-indexed files relating to these reports, as well as distributing copies of reports to proper locations and agencies.

Central Records also provides information services to the public, police personnel, and other criminal justice agencies with certified legislation and is responsible for the dissemination of criminal history information to other police, court, and correctional agencies.

Central Records provides court notification for witnesses, officers, and other pertinent parties. Our records personnel answer non-emergency phone lines, communicate messages to officers and other employees throughout the department, and take TeleServe reports for minor theft, criminal damage, and lost property reports which free up officers’ time.

Freedom of Information Act

To request information on a report you filed, reports may be available through the Freedom of Information Act.

The Freedom of Information Act, 5ILCS 140/1 et seq, is the Illinois Statute governing the inspection of public records. This Act provides for the public inspection of records in the possession of the City of Quincy. The Act also includes many exemptions to insure the confidentiality and privacy of certain records.

To request copies of records, a written request shall be mailed, hand delivered, or emailed during City working hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday) only.

Mailed requests shall be deemed received on the business day of their arrival. Emails at times other than the above hours shall be noted as received the business day following their electronic arrival. Please note that the “[email protected]” email box is for no other correspondence and is used solely for the receipt of FOIA requests. Anyone attempting to deliver a FOIA request to a department other than to the FOIA Officer will be redirected to the FOIA Officer. Verbal requests will not be processed. We do offer a FOIA request form to requestors which can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Use of our form is not mandatory, however, we believe you will find it helpful. Whenever possible, we would appreciate having a requestor’s email address. Our preferred method of compliance is email/PDF. It is fastest and least expensive for all concerned.

For general and non-commercial requests, the City will respond within five (5) working days after the request is received (starting with the 1st working day after a request is received). In cases where additional time is necessary, an extension letter will be sent within the five (5) day period. In order to expedite all FOIA requests, please be as specific as possible in your explanation of the records you are seeking.

For more information on Freedom of Information Requests, please visit the Illinois Attorney General's website.

Records Exempt From Fees

Requests to waive the Freedom of Information Act fee must be made in writing to the City’s FOIA officer and must state if the primary purpose of the requested information is to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety, and welfare or the legal rights of the general public and is not for the principal purpose of personal or commercial benefits.

Responses to FOIA Requests

The City will respond in one of the following ways:

If the request is granted, records will be provided in a practicable manner (with email/PDF being the preferred method). In cases where documents are to be inspected in person, a written response will be sent advising where the documents are located and the period of availability. If a fee is required, the requestor will be informed in advance. The fee must be paid to the City Treasurer's Office before the records will be released.

A request may be approved in part and denied in part. If a fee is required, the requestor will be informed in advance. The fee must be paid to the City Treasurer's Office before the records will be released.

If the request is denied, a written response containing the basis for the denial will be sent. The denial will cite the exemption as provided by the Freedom of Information Act.

The policy of the City of Quincy is the prompt disclosure of all non-exempt public information in an orderly and respectful manner. As noted above, we make every effort to fulfill requests by email to save postage and personnel expenses. Finally, commercial requests are now treated somewhat differently from “personal” requests.

Central Records Office


All requests obtained through the Freedom of Information Act shall be subject to the following fees. (Except for information obtained from the Quincy Police Department or for Commercial requests) Payment can be made at the Quincy Police Department or the City Treasurer's Office.

Request Fee
8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" black and white copies, up to 50 pagesNo fee
8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" black and white copies, over 50 pages15¢ per page after the first 50 pages
All other black and white copiesWill be charged actual cost to reproduce
All color copiesWill be charged actual cost to reproduce

All other requests will be charged based on the actual cost of consumables. All requests requiring outside duplication services will be charged for the actual cost of duplication.

Central Records